Derby Mill Stones

Northern Light is a company specialising in the production of high quality photographic images and is based in Cambridgeshire.  Rod Corston, the photographer tends to favour Landscape Photography and Street Photography. His work reveals time spent in Yorkshire, Cumbria, Scotland, Newcastle on Tyne and the North Northumberland Coast - plus street images shot in New York, Paris and London.


Like so many other photographers, Rod began his career using only traditional 'wet techniques' and every photograph was hand-printed, to exacting standards in his own darkroom.  However when faced with increased costs and the very real difficulty in obtaining 'traditional materials', he moved on to incorporate digital printing systems into his work. 

Rod works as a freelance photographer and runs photography workshops for Going Digital in the South Midlands Region. He offers specialist trainibg in the folowing areas:

Portariture usinig Studio Lighting
Product & Food Photography
Macro Photography
Post Production / editing using Adobe Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements.