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A note to all my (occasional) readers.  This Blog may stray from the accepted norms of  ‘Blog World’ in that it’s unlikely I will ever tell you what I had for tea, where I walked my dog (if I had one) or any of the other doings in my days.  Thus, social chit chat isn’t likely to feature here.  However, I will try to offer help / tips etc. with your photography and if that suits your needs – then Read on!!

Northern Light is a company specialising in the production of high quality monochrome photographic photographs and is based in Cambridgeshire in East Anglia. Rod Corston, the photographer, tends to favour Landscape Photography and his work reveals time spent in Yorkshire, Cumbria, Scotland, Newcastle on Tyne and the North East.

Like so many other photographers, Rod began his career using only traditional ‘wet techniques’ and every photograph was hand-printed to exacting standards in his own darkroom. However when faced with increased costs and the very real difficulty in obtaining ‘traditional materials’, he moved on to incorporate digital printing systems into his work. Whilst he still uses film cameras, Rod supplements his film images with those shot on a Nikon digital SLR camera.

Rod works as a freelance photographer, a tutor on Going Digital Photography workshops, teaches Adobe Photoshop editing classes in local colleges and workshops. He sells his images in galleries and on the Internet.\

Click here for the range of Going Digital Photography and Editing workshops offered in Rod’s – East of England Region

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